Awesome Eggs

I've shared the details around our source for eggs with several of you individually, but wanted to give some additional insight and background around the the cool chicken activities over at the Roehrer family farm.  I met the Roehrers back in 2014, we share many similar interests and ideas related to farming and food production, and several of their older children work with us on the farm during the season.  Knowing their commitment to sustainable, healthy production, made them a natural partner that allowed us to be able to offer delicious, organic eggs as an option to our shareholders each week.  Following is a brief history of their farm and flock:

Our small farm in Ortonville was established in 2000, with our chicken flock
beginning in 2010 when our eldest daughter expressed her new-found love for
chickens after “chicken sitting” for a friend. And so it was, our very first flock
was established.
After our family of ten experienced the sheer joy of raising baby chicks, we
then began to reap the benefits of farm-fresh pastured eggs, and the rest, as
they say, is history! There was no going back to store-bought eggs ever
We currently grind and mix our own feed, as we found it difficult to find
organic, soy-free feed. Now we are able to be in complete control of the
ingredients in their diets without any surprises. We only procure organic, non-
GMO, soy-free ingredients from regional farmers. Food scraps are limited to
organically raised fruits and vegetables. In keeping with natural practices, we
gently wash our eggs with only cool, clean water.
Due to the large population of fox and hawks in our area, our chickens reside
in a “gated community” for their safety. They have an abundance of room to
run, sunbathe, dust bathe, eat bugs, scratch, forage, and play “worm football”.
Our birds enjoy the great outdoors year round yet have access to large,
roomy coops at their desire.
We take pride in raising healthy, happy chickens for our family, and we are
pleased to be able to share their eggs with you as well.