April 2016 Update

I know, I'm way past due with the spring update, no excuses, just been putting off sitting in front of the computer vs. spending time outside as long as I can :).  It was a much milder winter for the fruit trees compared to the previous two, which was a nice break!  The apples all have emerging leaves and blossoms so hopefully the sub freezing nights are behind us.

I enclosed the wash station this spring with plexiglass and plastic so we now have a larger space to work with for transplant starts (instead of the south facing window of our dining room)

Chicks arrived two weeks ago, all are doing well!  We decided to go with the Freedom Ranger variety for this batch.  They take a little longer to mature, but supposedly they are better foragers, we'll see how they do once we move them onto pasture in another week or so.

The garlic that went in at the end of October last year is looking good.  We used card board sheets over a slightly raised bed and then planted the garlic into holes cut in the cardboard, I'm hoping that this will reduce the weed pressure that challenged the garlic crop last season.


Thank you to all of our shareholders that have signed up for the upcoming season! It's great to have so many of you returning from last year and we are excited to meet all of our new members as well.  We expanded the number of shares again this season but only have room for about 6 more before we will be completely sold out.  We are very thankful for the continued strong support!!

I'll attempt to keep the updates more frequent as we move closer to the start of the season.  Have a great week!