Sweet corn and tomatoes

We began harvesting sweet corn this weekend and we are seeing the first wave of heirloom tomatoes ripening up!  Blackberries should continue for about another week.  Probably the last week for cucumbers though.


Following is the listing of produce that will be available this week, along with pricing.  Aug_21_Price_List.    Call, email, or text to place an order and schedule pickups.

Chicks arrived last Tuesday, and are already starting to sport their white wing feathers, we'll be taking orders for meat chickens when we get into late September/early October.




Blackberry Season

Sweet, juicy, organic blackberries are now fully in season and should be available, based on weather, for the next 10-14 days.  Freshly harvested pints available for $4.00 each or pick your own by appointment for $3.00 per pint.  Call, text, or email to place an order or schedule a time to pick.

Green beans are starting this week and tomatoes and sweet corn should be ready by this weekend or early next week.

Following is this weeks price list:  Price_List_8_14_17

Blackberries & Fresh Produce!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer!  It's been a slower start to harvest season this year, but we are beginning to have more variety available every week.  Blackberries have also just begun! 

We currently have the following available:


  • Blackberries - $4.00/pint


  • Green Peppers - 2 for $1.00

  • Cucumbers - 2 for $1.00

  • Collard Greens - $2.00/bunch

  • Kale - $2.00/Bunch

  • Red Potatoes - $2.00/pound

  • Zucchini & Summer Squash - $2.00/pound


  • Basil - $2.00/bunch

  • Chives - $2.00/bunch

Please call, text, or email to confirm availability or to place an order and schedule pickup.