CSA - Week 2

Looking for some warm, dry days, seems like we have gotten rain on a daily basis for a while now!

Most of this week's share comes from the hoop house, but we also get our first harvest from the fields with snap peas.  We planted garlic for the first time last fall, while it is in a lower part of the fields and not appreciating all of the extra water, it has produced some nice scapes. For those of you who have never tasted or seen a garlic scape (includes me until this year) following is a brief description: 

While the garlic bulb is growing below ground, the garlic plant also produces a curly stalk, know as a scape. with a large bud on the end which if left to develop will eventually flower.  It is recommended to cut the scapes before they flower so that the plant concentrates it's energy to producing a larger bulb below ground.  Turns out the scapes are not only edible, but quite a delicacy.  They definitely smell and taste like garlic, but a bit more subtle.  You can chop them up and use just like regular garlic cloves.

This weeks shares include:

  • Red Romaine
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Snap  Peas
  • Garlic Scapes

There are two featured turnip recipes this week, each has butter and sugar in them, like vegetable desserts!


And, if you don't have  a favorite beet recipe, following is a simple but delicious one for roasted beets  http://dfo-recipes.weebly.com/roasted-beet-slices.html

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!