Week # 16 - Final shares for the season

Wow!  Where did the time go?  The old adage of "time flies when you're having fun" sure applied to me this past year, it was a very enjoyable and memorable first CSA season, and none of it would have been possible without my awesome shareholders.  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! 

Production of Grandpa's Grand Applesauce is in full swing, this week's shares will include your choice of either Red Carpet (Red Delicious) or Gold Rush (Golden Delicious) varieties.  

Share contents:

  • Chickens
  • Parsnips
  • Leeks
  • Turnips
  • Bell Pepper
  • Onions - green, yellow, red, and white
  • Rosemary
  • Applesauce
  • Gourds (not edible, but for decorations)

This weeks featured recipe is Roasted Leek and Potato Soup

Lots of projects planned for the "off season" to get ready for 2015, including planting garlic,  building a 2nd mobile chicken coop, expanding the planting fields and fences, prepping for blueberry and raspberry planting in the spring, and hopefully finding an inexpensive used manure spreader.  I'll try and keep everyone updated on the progress. 

Thanks again for a great season!