Welcome to Decker Farm & Orchard.

We are a family run farm and orchard with a focus on making fresh, healthy food options available to our local community.

We believe that healthy soil is the foundation of our farm, and that we have a responsibility to ensure that it remains productive and fertile; as a result we utilize only sustainable, organic growing practices to provide a wide variety of fresh produce for you to enjoy

“The things most worth wanting are not available everywhere all the time.”
– Alice Waters

Our fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat chickens are available throughout the growing season direct from the farm.  You can check our website or Facebook page weekly to see what is available, or feel free to call, email, or just stop by!  .

Our view on food is that while organic is important, local sourcing is just as, if not more, valuable.  Having the ability to actually see where and how the crops are grown or the animals raised, and to be able to talk with the farmer gives everyone an even better understanding of the process, and strengthens the ties from farm to table.  We love visitors, and highly encourage anyone that has an interest to stop by anytime for a tour! 

Fall Harvest
Sweet corn and tomatoes
Blackberry Season