Applesauce Is Here!

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We are excited to announce the availability of our premium, small batch applesauce!  Unlike most of the applesauce on the market today which is a blended product, Grandpa's Grand Applesauce is variety specific, which allows the unique color, texture, aroma, and taste of each apple variety to be savored and enjoyed.   Produced using our own organically grown apples and my Dad's family recipe, we invite you to try each flavor and find your favorite!

Just as the Mackinac bridge joins the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, our Mighty Mac applesauce spans the perfect balance of tart and sweet, with a warm current of cinnamon flowing beneath. The flavor of the McIntosh apple has a strong, sweet-tart taste with nuances of spice. Their slightly spicy flavor and juiciness makes them a perfect apple for use in juice and cider. This flavor pairs well with maple, pecans, celery, pork, blackberries, cherries, and flavorful cheeses such as feta, gorgonzola and sharp cheddar. Cross over to a new taste experience!


Give your taste buds the star treatment! Crisp Red Delicious apples paired with an elite blend of spices create our award worthy Red Carpet Applesauce. The distinct, yet mildly sweet flavor and slightly floral aroma create a flavor so elegant and smooth we recommend pairing it with cheddar cheese, horseradish, chard, cherries, mustard and pecans. Best of all, the tabloids confirm our friend the Red Delicious apple is scandalously higher in antioxidants than many other apple variety.

Trade in your pick axe for a spoon! You’ll hit gold in every bite of our delicious Gold Rush applesauce. Golden Delicious apples are exceptionally sweet and rich, especially when allowed to fully ripen on the tree, which is exactly what we use to make our Gold Rush variety. We approve of eating it straight from the jar with a spoon, however, for more civilized folk, Gold Rush applesauce pairs well with savory items such as onions, cabbages, pork, cheeses and strong herbs.

We're feeling the love! Call us matchmakers, but we decided to introduce the sweet, rich Golden Delicious apple to it's counterpart, the mildly sweet, floral noted Red Delicious apple. They haven't spent much time alone since. Go ahead and open up a jar of Double Delicious and we guarantee you'll be smitten. Amore!